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StrikeVideo technology is popular among both top-tier publishers and brands for its ability to provide targeted, engaging, customized and native video ads across all devices.

We answer publishers’ needs in monetizing video campaigns on their sites, whether or not they already have existing video content.

We bring cutting-edge HTML5, VAST/VPAID executions to programmatic media as well as interactive capabilities, which deliver effectiveness in brand engagement.


StrikeVideo Platform is coupled with a targeting and brand safety technology that deepens the average user’s experience and empowers brands to find the sweet spot in consumers’ reaction.

benefits of product

24/7 campaign management and tech services. Same day turnaround on customized video units.

benefits of product

Real-time data providing increased control over media delivery, enabling advertisers to reach the right customer at the right time.

benefits of product

Call to Action hotspots and icons that command attention and increase brand engagement.

benefits of product

Self-Service Portal available to publishers and brands to create their own video units in 3 easy steps.

Ad Unit Portfolio

StrikeVideo Cross-Platform Units grab your undivided attention and bring the impact of the traditional television spot to the digital space.

Scroll through some of our standard units

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    Interstitital Video

    The unit is an overlay that increases inventory available for video streaming on publishers’ sites

    View Live Example
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    Pushdown Video

    The unit is displayed on top of the webpage and expands with animation without disrupting the content on the website

    View Live Example
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    InLine Video

    The unit appears within article pages and is responsive to each content pages

    View Live Example
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    Billboard Video

    The unit is created within a skin and the video has the option to be placed on the left, right or center of the billboard

    View Live Example


We partner with top-tier publishers and brands to serve high-impact advertising to audiences across the globe. Here are a few examples:

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